• NF Corporation
    Measurement Instruments/Power supply and Power Control/Function modules
    Crash Systems/Drive Train Test stand/Static strain stand
    High quality sensors
  • Specilised Imaging
    Ultra Fast Framing / Still Cameras
  • IDT Vision
    from auto-safety testing to medical research to filmmaking
  • ATD-LabTech
    ANTHROPOMORPHIC TEST DEVICE Laboratory Technology, Service and Consulting
  • ORME
    Experts in motion tracking and data analysis
  • Pearson Electronics
    Wide-Band Current Transformers, made in USA
  • MC Measurement Computing
    Data Acquisition (DAQ), Hardware, Software and Support
  • Eltek
    Custom Data Loggers
  • HT-NaviControl
    GPS Based Autonomous Driving system
  • Elsys
    Data acquisition systems
  • 4activeSystems
    Dummies and testing systems for active vehicle safety
    High-intensity lighting systems

HI-TEC is specialized in automotive industry driverless car systems high speed cameras crash acquisition data acquisition systems.

Our Products

TD F1B1B11A 140210e

Seat belt Load Cell


USB (DAQ) Data Acquisition Boards and Modules

Wideband Current Monitors

1000 Series Squirrel

Low Power Multichannel Customizable Data Logger


Super-Compact, fits into tight spaces


The Ultimate High-Speed Video Camera

HI-TEC s.r.l. is specialized in data acquisition and measurement. Established in 1980 , it is now known how to impose thanks to a viable organization and the quality of services offered . The company structure makes use of a sales network that operates throughout the Italian territory , and in some European countries , either directly in the main areas of interest . The Systems Division , Technical and Commercial Service are constantly evolving and serve dynamic and highly qualified personnel in order to offer a continuous technological improvement.


  • Indirizzo: Via Agrigento 9, MILANO, Italy

  • Phone: (+39) 02 39262464

  • Phone: (+39) 02 39260434

  • Email: hi-tec@hi-tec.it