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Mg sensor GmbH is specialized in sensors for force, torque and angle measurement speed. It develops, manufactures and distributes innovative precision products for different market needs into the mainstream of sensor technology. Thanks to its team of experts, that has decades of experience in this field with precise knowledge of the needs of the market. Mg sensor offers to our customers a high quality of products, satisfying the customer with a good value for money that is a good basis for a lasting business relationship.


TD F1B1B11A 140210e
Seat belt Load Cell

The seat belt will follow two fully separable shafts of the measuring body.
The shafts can be unlocked by pushing a button. The shafts can rotate in the locked state.
The induced force causes an elongation of the measuring point of the body. Elongation is measured by using strain gauges. The strain gauges are connected into a Wheatstone bridge circuit in order to eliminate the temperature effect on zero.
The use of light titanium minimizes the influence of the measuring system by the low weight of the transducer.
The non-linearity, that is dependent on the system, can be compensated by an integrable optional linearization circuit part.
The standard model without linearization is delivered with a calibration in accordance with SAE (Polynomial 3. Grades).



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