Test Battery system

The test system HBT100 batteries adopting the measure volt-ampere method that provides for the insertion of a resistive load and the extent of the voltage drop and the test current.

For batteries with large internal capacity resistance assumes extremely low values and therefore it is necessary to detect voltage variations on the order of magnitude of mV.

The test HBT100 batteries use a conversion system 24 bit A / D that is able to solve even the smaller voltage variations corresponding the application of resistive test load.

The application of the load, or better of the loads, whose value is selected automatically by the apparatus in relation to the voltage value corresponding to the cell under test, lasts only a few seconds to not damage first of all the battery and, also, doesn’t cause the unwanted intervention of the rectifier of the cabin.

The test batteries computer test HBT100, allows to you to do quickly and led, the measurements of characteristic parameters of batteries with open vessel elements and sealed from 2V, 6V, 12V, 24V

The HBT100 in particular allows the detection of batteries in operation the following quantities:

  • Voltage maintenance of the cell
  • Internal resistance of the cell
  • Resistance of interconnection between two cells
  • Density and temperature of each single cell liquid

For the analysis of the battery functionality plays a fundamental role, in addition to the detect of the above parameters, the statistical analysis of the measurements made during the life of the battery. For this purpose, the software supplied with the instrument implements significant research functions, by viewing reports and representation, dedicated precisely to the creation and management of a database of used batteries throughout the national territory.

The digital measuring system adopted nell'HBT100 has a resolution of 24 bits which allows to do the measurement of the characteristic parameters of the batteries with great precision and stability. Video and voice directions guide the user during the execution of the test, suggesting step by step what to do.

The measure is managed by the notebook via a specific software that has the following main functions:

  • Setting of the descriptive parameters of the battery under test
  • Display and saving of measured values
  • Create customized test reports by the user directly in the field. (A portable external printer may possibly be connected to the system for the prompt issuance of test reports)
  • Verification and comparison of the measured values with those stored in the data base

To store measures the notebook has a HD 40Gbyte, and it is also equipped with a CD-ROM burner that lets you transfer recordings to external media.

Processing software and management of the data base can be installed on systems running Windows ™ 95/98 / ME / 2000 / XP. More details are provided in the chapter dedicated to the software.