Experts in motion tracking and data analysis

TrackImage provides several independent modules, each of them being dedicated to a specific application, with a fully automatized analysis of the videos: camera control, camera calibration and optical distortions corrections, 2D and 3D motion tracking, deformation tracking, virtual objects, air bag deployment tracking... TrackImage computes all the dynamic parameters of the system under test: positions, velocities, accelerations, distances, angles, surfaces, compacity, frequencies... Based on the most recently developed image processing algorithms, TrackImage is today a very powerful video analysis software tool which is used in many different fields: aeronautics, space, automotive, defence, energy, ergonomics, biology, geology, sports...

TrackReport offers a full data visualisation and analysis environment, where interactivity and automation help creating simulation or test reports. Configurable report templates handle data post-processing algorithms as well as the graphical setup. The development of these report templates is very intuitive and smooth, thanks to the extensive calculation libraries and a complete and dynamic array of graphical object: text areas, curves, tables, images, videos, colour maps, bar charts, 3D-animations. The report template thus enables the generation of an accurate data set analysis and the corresponding report.
TrackReport is now widely used to analyse and compare test and simulations in many fields: automotive, aeronautics, space, cosmetics, energy, defence.
Along with TrackReport, we also can offer an extensive set of calculations and pre-defined templates dedicated to crash-test regulations. For complex report templates, we can also develop them on clients' behalf.

Founded in 1996, ORME is a French-based company located in Toulouse, specialized in the acquisition and processing of signals and images. ORME provides a versatile suite of innovative software solutions. ORME also delivers custom-made systems and software applications, as well as test analysis services.

We work with major clients in the aerospace, automotive, rail, space, agriculture, smart cities, health and energy sectors as well as in cosmetics. These large companies entrust us with R&D activities, such as development of signal and image processing algorithms, development in scientific computing for test analysis, and use our software solutions. ORME also develops a non-intrusive fall detection sensor for nursing homes.

To support the development of our R&D activities, we also take part in several research consortia supported by the Occitanie region, the French government and the European Commission.


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