Modular, High-Speed Data Acquisition System

SLICE PRO records as low as 100 samples/second and up to 1 million samples/second/channel, with up to 200 kHz analog bandwidth

SLICE MICRO and SLICE NANO are standalone data acquisition systems that are modular, rugged and user-configurable.
Supports a variety of sensors to accurately measure acceleration, strain, voltage and temperature. SLICE modules easily configure to create the exact features and channel count needed. Stack up to 24 channels per base and daisy-chain up to hundreds of channels per test.
SLICE is a modular data acquisition system featuring unmatched flexibility, technology and reliability in an ultra-small size. Available in two form factors, both SLICE MICRO and SLICE NANO are ideal for a variety of critical test applications. SLICE makes it easy to build systems in 3-channel increments by stacking layers with different channel and sensor input configurations. The BASE SLICE is the foundation of the system with the microprocessor, memory and control circuits. A simple interface provides power, trigger and communication signals for chaining multiple SLICE stacks and connecting to a PC.


  • A complete solution with programmable sensor interface, adjustable filters, 16-bit ADC and Ethernet communication
  • Two software options: SLICEWare and DataPRO Easy and intuitive, users enter sensor & sampling parameters and the software automatically sets-up the hardware.
  • Modular, high-performance, low-mass, 100% shock tested
  • Ultra-small 52 x 90 x 80 mm per 18 channel module
  • User-selectable sampling rates up to 1M sps/channel
  • Data bandwidth options up to 200 kHz
  • Record from milliseconds to hours. Data stored directly to 16 GB non-volatile flash memory.
  • Supports a variety of external sensors, including full and half-bridge sensors, strain gages, IEPE, voltage input, thermocouples, etc.
  • Compatible with DTS TDAS PRO and TDAS G5 hardware
  • Meets NHTSA, FAA, ISO 6487 and SAE J211 data acquisition requirements

DTS offers two great software options for all SLICE products that allow users to simply enter sensor information and sampling parameters and the software automatically sets-up the hardware. SLICEWare offers fast, easy tools for storing sensor information and performing data collection. DataPRO offers a
full-featured database and user interface for tracking sensor information, creating test objects and test setups, performing diagnostic routines and running tests. Both software options feature the most advanced self-diagnostics available, plus support for EQX and numerous data exchange file formats