Dummies and testing systems for active vehicle safety

4activeSystems GmbH is part of the 4a technology group. 4activeSystems focuses on dummies and testing systems for active vehicle safety. 4a technology Group is a technology- oriented group of companies with the focus on plastics engineering and polymer science. All 4a companies are linked by their joint mission statement: "in physics we trust ...".


Experts in motion tracking and data analysis

TrackImage provides several independent modules, each of them being dedicated to a specific application, with a fully automatized analysis of the videos: camera control, camera calibration and optical distortions corrections, 2D and 3D motion tracking, deformation tracking, virtual objects, air bag deployment tracking... TrackImage computes all the dynamic parameters of the system under test: positions, velocities, accelerations, distances, angles, surfaces, compacity, frequencies... Based on the most recently developed image processing algorithms, TrackImage is today a very powerful video analysis software tool which is used in many different fields: aeronautics, space, automotive, defence, energy, ergonomics, biology, geology, sports...

TrackReport offers a full data visualisation and analysis environment, where interactivity and automation help creating simulation or test reports. Configurable report templates handle data post-processing algorithms as well as the graphical setup. The development of these report templates is very intuitive and smooth, thanks to the extensive calculation libraries and a complete and dynamic array of graphical object: text areas, curves, tables, images, videos, colour maps, bar charts, 3D-animations. The report template thus enables the generation of an accurate data set analysis and the corresponding report.
TrackReport is now widely used to analyse and compare test and simulations in many fields: automotive, aeronautics, space, cosmetics, energy, defence.
Along with TrackReport, we also can offer an extensive set of calculations and pre-defined templates dedicated to crash-test regulations. For complex report templates, we can also develop them on clients' behalf.


Data Acquisition Systems & Sensors

Since 1990 DTS has been a leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems and sensors for occupant safety testing and product testing in automotive, aerospace, biomechanics, blast and in-dummy applications. DTS specializes in advanced measurement solutions that require high-speed, miniature, rugged DAS and sensors for critical tests in extreme environments.


Data acquisition systems

High precision and robust measurement technology plays a determining role thereby. For that Elsys AG has the knowhow and complete solutions.

  • Efficiency measurements at power inverters
  • Distortion analysis in power electronics assemblies
  • Measuring electrical switching effects
  • Evaluating power station’s measurement and control systems
  • Analyzing the propagation of distortions in transmission lines

Our Services

  • Complete measurement systems for the power sector
  • Measurement technique engineering / proto-typing
  • Test procedure monitoring of critical measurements
  • Development and application of custom specific evaluation algorithms
  • Establishing report-routines and –presentations
  • Renting-out measurement equipment

Your Benefits

  • You obtain a complete system solution, including measurement and analysis software
  • High precision measurement instruments and accessories (0.03% DC precision)
  • Suitable for high input voltages up to 100V without special accessories
  • Safe operating thanks to distance between point of measurement and user (Ethernet connection)
  • Long time period, autonomous, measurement execution
  • Compact, easy to transport measurement systems
  • 35 years of measurement technology experience


Custom Data Loggers

Eltek is specialised in custom made portable data logging systems to satisfy a wide range of user requirements. Our datalogging systems can be divided into two categories:

  • Wired Loggers, which allow the user to directly connect a number of sensors to the datalogger itself
  • GenII Telemetry systems, which consist of a number of wireless 'transmitters' which report data from their connected sensors to a central logger/receiver via radio.

A range of software packages is available for downloading, maintaining and analysing the data from our data logging systems.


Crash Systems/Drive Train Test stand/Static strain stand

Not only does ERNST show enthusiasm for its numerous products, we also appreciate the ideas and wishes of our customers. Single-source solutions are the result of a trusting cooperation. Our own development and production, combined with an innovative product range, enables ERNST to address each of our customers' wishes quickly and on an individual basis.

Mobile barriers for crash tests

In order to conduct crash tests according to ECE, IIHS, FMVSS, Trias, RCAR and many others, ERNST carries a number of fully developed crash carts in its portfolio. All crash carts can be specially modified, according to our customers' requirements. Many of our crash carts can also be flexibly retrofitted, allowing the realization of up to four applications in one frame. After their final assembly, the crash carts are calibrated according to our customers' specifications (total mass, location of the center of gravity and inertia). During the assembly of cameras, measuring technology, etc., we conduct a mass balancing, so that our crash carts can be employed as soon as the customer receives them.

Pallet systems

Engine testing must be economical. The target is to collect all necessary data in the shortest time possible. This is the most significant target which has a decisive impact on the economy of engine testing and whose optimization potential we use at 100%.

Roof compression systems

The ERNST compression systems offer great flexibility, precise measurements and the latest in data recording technology, in order to easily determine the structural stability of the test specimens with a high level of precision.


IDT Vision
Telecamere ad alta velocità

Now, IDT’s high-speed cameras and integrated systems - proudly made in the U.S.A. - are the top solution for many different industries, from auto-safety testing to medical research to filmmaking... and even into outer space. The only question we ask is, where to next?


High-intensity lighting systems

Our lighting systems offer up to 500,000 watts of intensity from a single source, with high-quality light (5400º Kelvin and 96+ CRI) that can dim to 3% of maximum output without shift in color temperature. Luminys™ is a vertically integrated in-house design, engineering and manufacturing company providing application-specific lighting solutions and control systems that meet the needs of our customers.


MCCDAQ Measurement Computing
Data Acquisition (DAQ) Hardware, Software

The mission of Measurement Computing Corporation is to provide our customers with PC-based data acquisition hardware and software that will save time and save money. We pursue this mission by offering:

  • High-quality, reliable products, backed by lifetime warranties and a harsh environment program, unique in the industry
  • Software solutions for DAQ users of all skill levels–programmers and non-programmers, alike
  • Value pricing–the highest quality, priced right
  • Simple installations that shorten the time between set up and first measurement
  • Direct access to outstanding live technical support

We are committed to developing the DAQ products you want, in the form and with interfaces you need. We are always working on new and better products, and welcome your feedback and requests for custom solutions. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.


High quality sensors

Mg sensor GmbH is specialized in sensors for force, torque and angle measurement speed. It develops, manufactures and distributes innovative precision products for different market needs into the mainstream of sensor technology. Thanks to its team of experts, that has decades of experience in this field with precise knowledge of the needs of the market. Mg sensor offers to our customers a high quality of products, satisfying the customer with a good value for money that is a good basis for a lasting business relationship.


NF Corporation
Measurement Instruments/Power supply and Power Control/Function modules

Nel 1959, NF Corporation è stata fondata con la nobile missione di fornire al mondo prodotti unici utilizzando tecnologia di controllo feedback negativo ad alta precisione, una tecnica non del tutto diffusa in Giappone in quel periodo. Questo spirito pionieristico è ancora oggi vivo in NF, che sta attivamente perseguendo nuovi campi e lo sviluppo di nuovi prodotti, con l'obiettivo di contribuire alla prossima generazione di R & D e attraverso questa, a far progredire la società. La tecnologia di NF viene utilizzata in una vasta gamma di applicazioni dalle automobili agli elettrodomestici digitali e altri dispositivi elettronici ad alta tecnologia, come le celle a combustibile, l'energia solare e altre tecnologie energetiche pure, così come le nanotecnologie via satellite, razzi , e altre tecnologie aerospaziali.


Pearson Electronics
Wide-Band Current Transformers

Since 1955, Pearson Electronics has been manufacturing current transformer products. Our website is designed to simplify the selection of the right current probe to fit your application. Our current sensors feature pulse-current monitoring down to less than 1ns, making these high frequency current transformers ideal for a world of applications. Please contact us for application and sales support.


EME Corp.
Crash-proof multichannel acquisition system

EME Corporation is a manufacturer of advanced real time Data Acquisition Systems (DAS). These systems have been proven in the field to meet all the specifications outlined under extreme environments. Our systems provide very accurate data at sampling rates as high as 500kHz in small shock-hardened packages. The advanced features offered in our systems will assure you a unit that will stand up to your testing needs and provide you many years of accurate and reliable data collection.



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