Load Clutch Pedal

Computerized Clutch Pedal Test System

Computerized system designed for onboard clutch pedal characterization. Automatic measurement of the load and displacement with X/Y on line graphics.
All the setting parameters are user programmable to be compatible with all different kind of automotive application.
A power full notebook, included in the system, allow to store data, setting, post process all the acquired data withacompletereportgenerator.


  • Automatic and manual test
  • Push button for manual acquisition (start inputs)
  • AC or DC powerable (12VDC battery withintegratedcharger)
  • Stroke and load transducer inputs
  • Communication with PC via Ethernet port
  • Auxiliary sensor input available (customer configurable)
  • Stroke vs load graphs
  • Realtime monitoring


Windows based user friendly software with the following main functions:
  • Test (ransducer calibration, Acquisition parameters)
  • Analysis (CPF software automatically recognize the main characteristic point on the stroke/load graphic with automatic calculation of typical hysteresis data curve)
  • Print (CPF software automatically generate graphics and data reports user configurable)