Highly Configurable Digital Fault Recorder

The EXPLORER III series is a range of digital fault recorder fully configurable. The high-performance of hardware and software, make it possible to approve this device in accordance with the strict specifications of ENEL, and place it at the top of its category.

This system is for the detection and recording in automatic,of the most significant power during the disruptions to the power generation units due to internal causes (failures and blocks) or to external causes (failures or network disruptions

The monitored plant perimeter includes the turbines, alternators, MT machine uprights and the stalls of the posts related to AT attached to central stations.

A oscilloperturbographic monitoring system consists of a series of functionally distinct elements that are repeated in a different number in relation to the type and to the plant size.

The main components of a oscilloperturbographic system are listed below:

  • Restitution and Analysis Unit (URA), located in Hall maneuvers or in a room with similar characteristics;
  • Acquisition Unit of section (UASe), located in the back panel of the maneuvering room or in premises adjacent to the engine room;
  • Acquisition Unit of Station (UASt), placed in the kiosks of the AT station;
  • Control Unit or Supervisor (UC), located in the back panel of the maneuvering room in the same cabinet room of one of UASe.

The oscilloperturbographic system operatively performs the following tasks described below:

  • Transduction of the quantities monitored with appropriate dynamic performance for a faithful record of the phenomena induced by electrical type disturbances (periodic or non)
  • Recognition and automatic recording of disturbances (faults of the generator group and / or transients induced by the network)
  • Recognition and automatic recording of digital events (starting and / or protection tripping, the opening of the switches, turbine shooting or group)
  • Storage of data recorded in the Acquisition Unit, via a file (one for each disturbance)
  • Automatic transfer and / or manually, via the network, the files produced by the UA to the (e) Restitution / Analysis Unit (URA)
  • Automatic transmission and / or manually, via modem, the station files produced by the UA (UASt) towards GRTN
  • Time Management in YYYY / MM / DD hh: mm: ss.msec
  • Automatic synchronization of all devices using GPS apparatus present on UC units
  • Self-diagnosis in line with error messages to URA
  • Digital output activation for summary diagnostics messages, at the system and / or to the plant supervision system
  • Restart and automatic realignment of the system, after a partial or complete disconnection (without loss of stored data).