Simulator Diesel Motor

The SIMULATOR DIESEL ENGINE software (S.M.D.) is a diesel common rail engine specific emulation program injection Bosch

The software has been developed entirely by Hi-Tec for FIAT as part of an educational training program to educate and test the knowledge of the FIAT technical staff. By the use of electrical schematic is possible to analyze, from a functional point of view, every single part of the engine in different operating phases.

It’s possible to analyze the operation in several states:

  • at cold and at hot
  • At a different load conditions
  • At different engine speeds (at minimum, 1000 RPM, ...)
For each element it’s displayed:
  • Images and movies that identify the various constituent parts
  • Images and videos related to the location in the car
  • Representation of electrical signals dynamically displayed in the form of charts or "real-time"meters.
  • Description of various electrical connectors (pin number, name of the associated signals, color of the cables, codes of wiring diagrams ...)

But the singularity of this software is the ability to simulate various FAULT conditions (with relative characteristic electrical signals) and the possibility to carry out the search of the cause and, consequently, "repair" the engine. Thanks to a configuration software, the end user can add and / or replace images, videos, electrical signals and fault conditions.