Programmable Module for Controlling Airbags.

This family of products offers the possibility to generate an output voltage of 12V high current after a programmable delay time as a function of an input trigger signal, in order to be able to perform burst tests of airbags in a mechanical impact tests. The delay is programmable by channel, and it varies from 1 to 1000 ms by the trigger, while the generated pulse length (which is also programmable by channel) varies from 1 to 25 ms. In the version ABGM06 the device includes an independent supervision circuitry that it shall collect the output transitions and stores in order to generate a report that certifies the actual generation of the output voltage. This family of products is provided, together with a software able to communicate (via standard RS232 serial interface) with the device in order to be able to configure the options (timing and duration of the outputs) and download the report of the last acquired transition (only for ABGM06).