Airbag Test Room Managements System

BagBench is an hardware / software System to control Safety airbag testing. It comes with high-speed cameras, facility dimmable lights, airbags fireing units,ventilation system digital outputs, safety inputs and management software.

The system is designed for the complete management of test rooms for air bags burst. Via the control software, you can activate the power outputs that are going to excite the airbags.

For each channel, it can be defined:

  • The type of the connected airbag
  • One of his eventual serial number or identification
  • The activation delay from the time 0 (trigger)
  • The pulse duration (from 1 to 25 msec)
The system provides for the complete management of high-power illumination lights.

Before triggering the bursting of the airbags, the system checks that the following conditions are checked
  • Ready High-power lights
  • Closed access doors
  • Inactive Emergencies
  • Insertion time dashboard concluded (at the discretion and responsibility of the operator)

After the test, the system will automatically generate a report in automatic way in which summarizes the parameters set.