Custom Data Loggers

Eltek is specialised in custom made portable data logging systems to satisfy a wide range of user requirements. Our datalogging systems can be divided into two categories:

  • Wired Loggers, which allow the user to directly connect a number of sensors to the datalogger itself
  • GenII Telemetry systems, which consist of a number of wireless 'transmitters' which report data from their connected sensors to a central logger/receiver via radio.

A range of software packages is available for downloading, maintaining and analysing the data from our data logging systems.


1000 Series Squirrel
Low Power Multichannel Customizable Data Logger

Eltek 1000 Series Squirrel data loggers provide a flexible combination of channels, ranges, memory sizes and extra options. If there is not already a model which fits a particular application, then Eltek can almost certainly make one.

Modular design

The basic element of the Squirrel data logger consists of the main board and the battery pack. The main board contains the power connector, display, RS232 serial connection, a pulse input, an 8 bit digital signal input and output connector. Up to eight additional input modules are connected to the main board during manufacture depending on the sensor input requirements.

Eltek was formed in 1985 and in the intervening years we have built up a wealth of experience in providing specialist portable data loggers for a wide range of applications. This small, flexible and accessible UK company is based in Cambridge. We pride ourselves on being able to offer an outstanding, personal service to all our customers. Whatever particular market sector you represent, Eltek's range of cost effective and flexible data logging, radio telemetry and software products will almost certainly meet your environmental monitoring requirements.
Our hardware and software design teams work in-house here in Cambridge and are in control of your project from beginning to end. We are here to aid and advise you through the process of design, acquisition and installation of your tailor-made equipment; and will always be on hand at the end of the phone to support you once everything is up and running.

Tailored Solutions For Each Market
The company continues to improve customer service whilst bringing to the market cost effective and flexible data logging, radio telemetry and software products tailored to each market sector's requirements. Be it pharmaceutical, transportation, museum, warehousing or production control and monitoring, Eltek can assure its customers of the very best level of service and product solution possible.

Customer Service
Eltek has justly earned a reputation of quality and outstanding customer service within the industry, not only to its agents but most of all to the users themselves. We are always happy to discuss requirements and problems with users, so you can talk directly to the people who actually design and make your loggers.


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