Data acquisition systems

High precision and robust measurement technology plays a determining role thereby. For that Elsys AG has the knowhow and complete solutions.

  • Efficiency measurements at power inverters
  • Distortion analysis in power electronics assemblies
  • Measuring electrical switching effects
  • Evaluating power station’s measurement and control systems
  • Analyzing the propagation of distortions in transmission lines

Our Services

  • Complete measurement systems for the power sector
  • Measurement technique engineering / proto-typing
  • Test procedure monitoring of critical measurements
  • Development and application of custom specific evaluation algorithms
  • Establishing report-routines and –presentations
  • Renting-out measurement equipment

Your Benefits

  • You obtain a complete system solution, including measurement and analysis software
  • High precision measurement instruments and accessories (0.03% DC precision)
  • Suitable for high input voltages up to 100V without special accessories
  • Safe operating thanks to distance between point of measurement and user (Ethernet connection)
  • Long time period, autonomous, measurement execution
  • Compact, easy to transport measurement systems
  • 35 years of measurement technology experience

We are a young and dynamic team with long-time experience in test and measurement. Customized solutions are our strength: You receive the turn-key solution from one source. Our products are developed and produced in Switzerland. They comply with the highest quality requirements.

Our international clients appreciate to receive support in real-time directly from our developers.

  • More than 25 years of experience in Transient Recorder design
  • 1st own Digitizer introduced in 1994
  • World Wide distribution partners


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  • Email: hi-tec@hi-tec.it