Acquisition System for Structural Applications

A smart acquisition system and a powerful control and analysis software. It can store up to 8192 events by analog triggers and includes 16 inputs for various sensors or accelerometers.

BridgeXP is a system consisting of an intelligent capture unit (UADD) equipped with a high quantity of nonvolatile memory (hard disk or flash disk according to the requirements) and a software for the management, processing and the programming of these units .

Typically the UADD remains waiting for a default threshold of acceleration in phase of configuration of the channels. When this event occurs (for example a train in transit) the unit starts to record data at a pre-selectable sampling frequency (typically of 1KHz, 1000 points per second per channel) until the expiration of a predetermined time (which can be extended if the event continues).
The unit is able to maintain in memory up to 8192 recording that are managed with a circular buffer of FIFO type.

A recording of 10 seconds to 3 triaxial accelerometers (9 channels) at 1 KHz, occupies about 175KByte.

Among the prominent features, we find the possibility of managing the various units with 3 different connection modes:

  • Serial: It’s implemented ITALFERR protocol developed by Ansaldo signs. The support is fully compatible as regards the low-level communication, and it maintains, as much as possible given the technical particularities of UADD, a good compatibility for the commands. Given the reduced communication speed (typically 4800bps) it's not possible to download the entire acquired curves ... otherwise the UADD transmits the peak values of the signals.
  • TCP / IP: It’s possible to connect units in a private ethernet network to centralize their management and data download.
  • Wi / Fi: When it's not possible to use a TCP / IP network, the wireless mode allows to you to download data without the need to connect physically to the unit. Typically it’s sufficient to be closer within the 100 meters from the unit with a laptop.