Functional System Tests and Mechanical Run-switches

The HCB-FLY is designed to check and test the switches already installed in plants (out of service during the execution of the measures). The HCB-FLY system allows you to perform both functional tests of mechanical switch running tests.

Questo sistema è orientato al rilievo ed alla registrazione, in automatico, delle grandezze elettriche e meccaniche più significative, durante i disservizi ai gruppi di generazione di tensione dovuti a cause interne (avarie e blocchi) o a cause esterne (guasti o perturbazioni di rete).

Enclosed in a sealed rigid container is particularly suitable for use in the field of measurements
The included software, is realized entirely in Italian language byHI-TEC and allows the inclusion of additional plug-ins calculation, in order to fulfill specific needs of measurement and test methods, such as:

  • running mechanical break-in
  • measurement of vibrations and temperatures
  • synchronism verification of maneuver (zerocrossing)
  • import of the designs of the leverage of actuation
  • export data in a format defined by the user
  • creating custom test reports

Main features:

  • 9 analogic inputs to detect contact status
    • By reading of pure contact or resistive (<10 kW)
    • By reading a voltage from 18 VDC to 220 VDC
  • 5 analog inputs for measuring the absorption
    • acquisition with effect of Hall probes
    • galvanic isolation 1500 V
  • band passer from DC to 100 kHz
  • measurement range from 100 mA to 50 A
  • 8 MOSFET outputs for control of the coils
    • switchable power rating 500 W
    • 2000 W switchable pulsed power
    • maximum output current 20 A
    • switching time <1msec
  • 1 relay output: load sectioned 8 A - 500 V
  • 3 inputs for external sensors: speed, voltage / current transduced
  • 1 auxiliary input: pressure, vibration, temperature, etc..
types of tests:

static resistance measurement:

  • opening
  • Closing
  • Closing / Opening
  • Opening closing
  • Open / Close / Open
  • Drop out Opening
  • Motor absorption
  • Actuation speed

The HCB-FLY sets for each type of test the following parameters:

  • Maximum acquisition duration (up to 10 seconds)
  • Duration of the commands from 1ms pulse for tests without movement, up to 4 seconds for the verification of the anti-pumping systems
  • Delays between the commands (up to 4 seconds) in complex maneuvers (O-C, C-O, O-C-O, ...)
  • Command POLE, THREEPOLE or UNIPOLE in complex actuation

The HCB-150A is the most manageable solution (only 8kg) to perform in the field of the measurements of the static resistance of the main contacts.

Main features:

  • Automatic management of the measure using NoteBook
  • Possibility of listing more contacts in series for a more rapid sequence of measurement
  • Generation of test report with the generated current value and the measured resistance, handles up to 9 fields for 3 phases (primary contact, camera-tang, tang,tang ...)
  • Maximum current generated 200 Acc
  • Resolution 0.1 microOhm
  • Accuracy +/- 1 microOhm


The measuring system HCB-FLY / 150A is supplied with certificate of "metrological confirmation" ISO 9000 issued by the laboratory of HI-TEC measurements.


  • Soft bags or rigid for carrying cables and the NoteBook.
  • Compact portable printer which, thanks to new wireless technologies, allows you to print the certificates in the field without additional cables.