Custom Systems are the core business of HI-TEC. We project, develop, assemble any kind of PC/uController based system upon request. We are data acquisition & Software development experts, with years of experience on digital signal processing. We can interface ad use any kind of actuators, stepper motors, analog and digital acquisition boards, strain gauges, accelerometers, load cells and many more.


Autonomous Driving System, Driving Robots and Driverless Testings

Main Applications
Replacing the driver for reduce risk and enhance the accuracy and the repeatability of the maneuver.

  • Dynamics (fish hook, ISO lane change)
  • Durability in arduous conditions
  • Misuse and low speed collisions
  • Crash tests into the barrier (EN 1317)
  • ADAS Testing

Once the path has been created and the operator has entered the navigation parameters the GPS receiver supplies the necessary data both for track and speed control, and allows at any time to take over control from the Ground Base in order to change the track or stop the vehicle in a safe place.



Vehicle Speed and Distance Measurement System for the detection of distances in real time based on GPS between two vehicles with analog capture up to 5kHz, CAN bus, and up to 4 cameras

DualCar is a vehicle-to-vehicle measurement system to test and verify ADAS devices like:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Departure and Collision Warning
  • Vehicle Collision Mitigation

The DualCar can be used also for non-contact, vehicle-to-vehicle speed and distance measurements.
The fully compatibility with the NaviControl Driverless Robot System offer the most power full testing solution for advanced technologies.



The purpose of ABView software is to provide the user with a powerful tool to view, manage and measure movies related to the airbag's deployment. The software is able to perform a series of calculations and measurements that indicate to the user the airbag's inflated area.

The purpose of ABView software is to provide to the user a powerful tool to view, manage and measure movies related to the outbreak of airbags. The software is able to perform a series of calculations and measurements that indicate to the user the area occupied by the air bag in the phase of explosion.



The test system HBT100 batteries adopting the measure volt-ampere method that provides for the insertion of a resistive load and the extent of the voltage drop and the test current.


AirBAG Fire Unit

This family of products offers the possibility to generate an output voltage of 12V high current after a programmable delay time as a function of an input trigger signal, in order to be able to perform burst tests of airbags in a mechanical impact tests. The delay is programmable by channel, and it varies from 1 to 1000 ms by the trigger, while the generated pulse length (which is also programmable by channel) varies from 1 to 25 ms. In the version ABGM06 the device includes an independent supervision circuitry that it shall collect the output transitions and stores in order to generate a report that certifies the actual generation of the output voltage. This family of products is provided, together with a software able to communicate (via standard RS232 serial interface) with the device in order to be able to configure the options (timing and duration of the outputs) and download the report of the last acquired transition (only for ABGM06).



BagBench is an hardware / software System to control Safety airbag testing. It comes with high-speed cameras, facility dimmable lights, airbags fireing units,ventilation system digital outputs, safety inputs and management software.

The system is designed for the complete management of test rooms for air bags burst. Via the control software, you can activate the power outputs that are going to excite the airbags.



A smart acquisition system and a powerful control and analysis software. It can store up to 8192 events by analog triggers and includes 16 inputs for various sensors or accelerometers.

BridgeXP is a system consisting of an intelligent capture unit (UADD) equipped with a high quantity of nonvolatile memory (hard disk or flash disk according to the requirements) and a software for the management, processing and the programming of these units .



Computerized Clutch Pedal Test System

Computerized system designed for onboard clutch pedal characterization. Automatic measurement of the load and displacement with X/Y on line graphics.
All the setting parameters are user programmable to be compatible with all different kind of automotive application.
A power full notebook, included in the system, allow to store data, setting, post process all the acquired data withacompletereportgenerator.



The EXPLORER III series is a range of digital fault recorder fully configurable. The high-performance of hardware and software, make it possible to approve this device in accordance with the strict specifications of ENEL, and place it at the top of its category.

This system is for the detection and recording in automatic,of the most significant power during the disruptions to the power generation units due to internal causes (failures and blocks) or to external causes (failures or network disruptions



The HCB-FLY is designed to check and test the switches already installed in plants (out of service during the execution of the measures). The HCB-FLY system allows you to perform both functional tests of mechanical switch running tests.

Questo sistema è orientato al rilievo ed alla registrazione, in automatico, delle grandezze elettriche e meccaniche più significative, durante i disservizi ai gruppi di generazione di tensione dovuti a cause interne (avarie e blocchi) o a cause esterne (guasti o perturbazioni di rete).



he mobile laboratory is intended to check the efficiency of Earth systems.
The dispensing to the soil of the test current (1% minimum 50A) allows detection of the step and contact voltage and the measurement of the earth resistance of the cabin.
The mobile laboratory consists of all electronic equipment housed in the truck, inside the mobile unit Safety laced by cable and by the command module.
The generation of the current, the safety systems for the control of the test and the remote control with radio allow to perform all the measurements of step and contact for testing of ground systems.



It is a software for Microsoft (TM) operating systems 32bit based on the Millenium DAS data management libraries (program for advanced analysis developed by HI-TEC for the Acquistion Date applications) and uses some of its plugins (FFT, MultiOP, THD and power meter).

Representation of analog and digital channels using multi-track chart

  • Representation of analog and digital channels with graphic multiscale
  • Definition of the sun curves that are to be analyzed
  • Moving double sliders to the detailed analysis of the recordings
  • Horizontal and vertical compression Expansion
  • Scrolling to the left or to the right of the recording
  • Of the RMS value calculation
  • Operations of algebraic curves and constant
  • Calculating the FFT
  • Calculation of total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • Calculation of power and associated parameters
  • Data export in TXT format (ASCII)
  • Data export in COMTRADE format
  • Print graphics



The SIMULATOR DIESEL ENGINE software (S.M.D.) is a diesel common rail engine specific emulation program injection Bosch

The software has been developed entirely by Hi-Tec for FIAT as part of an educational training program to educate and test the knowledge of the FIAT technical staff. By the use of electrical schematic is possible to analyze, from a functional point of view, every single part of the engine in different operating phases.



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