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Videocamere ad alta velocità

AOS Technologies is a leading manufacturer of top quality, high speed cameras and high speed imaging systems. Our high speed cameras and video systems are used worldwide in demanding environments where precise, accurate high speed recordings are a must. High speed cameras can record the details of impacts and provide in-depth visual insights into events that happen during accidents. Whether industrial, automotive or defense and space applications, AOS high speed cameras are providing insights into the fast mechanical events in a broad range of applications.


HD High Speed Streaming Camera

The PROMON 12M system records directly into the controllers DRAM memory. The ideal camera system to monitor processes in high resolution. Applications range from industrial troubleshooting, gaining insight data of research applications or recording of clips for movie / TV production with its 4K, Full HD capabilities. The package includes the PROMON 12M camera module and a completely configured controller with AOS PROMON STUDIO CXP software, including a 5 meter cable and cable lock to secure the cable on the camera. For remote applications, an optional fibre converter is available offering distances in excess of 1km (0.6Mi) between PROMON 12M and the controller.


Super-Compact, fits into tight spaces

The rugged, ultra-compact high resolution high speed camera, Hi-G-Rated for 100+ G, ready for automotive on-board testing, certified for use in shock and vibration applications. A robust high resolution camera for demanding applications in research and development.
Particularly suited for all applications where a compact, portable, high resolution and robust camera is essential. The highly light sensitive sensor and the sophisticated image quality algorithm embedded in the camera suit the most ambitious application. Designed and certified to withstand G-forces in excess of 100 G/10 msec / all axes and spikes up to 200 G. Offering a wide range of signals for external control or feedback on camera status during tests the Q-MIZE HD v2 is a genuine all-in-one camera. Fast download of your image sequence is achieved via Gigabit Ethernet. Multiple options are available such as compact flash card in camera and IRIG-B.


Be it High speed cameras, High speed streaming systems or demanding process monitoring applications, AOS is a reliable partner providing turn key solutions for your applications. We offer turn key installations for high speed and process monitoring applications ranging from industrial monitoring and automotive crash testing to the most demanding requirements for applications in the field of aircraft and airborne testing.


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