HD High Speed Streaming Camera

4064 x 3072 pixel, 166 fps high speed streaming camera that connects to a PC recording device via CoaXpress

The PROMON 12M system records directly into the controllers DRAM memory. The ideal camera system to monitor processes in high resolution. Applications range from industrial troubleshooting, gaining insight data of research applications or recording of clips for movie / TV production with its 4K, Full HD capabilities. The package includes the PROMON 12M camera module and a completely configured controller with AOS PROMON STUDIO CXP software, including a 5 meter cable and cable lock to secure the cable on the camera. For remote applications, an optional fibre converter is available offering distances in excess of 1km (0.6Mi) between PROMON 12M and the controller.

Key features

  • 4K resolution @ 166 frames per second streaming power
  • Whenever resolution and speed matters
  • Compact, ready to use high speed image streaming system
  • Available recording capacity starts from 12 seconds up to 25 minutes (@ full fps and resolution)
  • PROMON 12M is available in monochrome and color

Accessories and options
  • High capacity storage (HPD) available, up to 3.2 TB
  • Robust transport case
  • Accessory kit with LED illumination, magic arms
  • Motion analysis software with automatic tracking features
  • CoaXpress to Fiber converter for long distances between camera head and controller

  • True high resolution - high speed streaming system
  • 166fps at 4064 x 3072 pixels
  • 461fps at 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 678fps at 1280 x 720 pixels
  • max. frame rate of 3100fps
  • Robust and compact controller
  • Easy to use software
  • Cable length up to 20m over CoaxPress or even up to km (miles) over fiber
  • Circular buffer and trigger input for 24/7 monitoring